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I’m finally here to get work done, being that Am a firm believer that God doesn’t give you what you want but rather what you need to get you to where you want sometimes. personally embracing This Truth brings me to this,

Ave had this dream for the longest of time now and its time, I birth it to life. ♥Amen! sister,

Honestly, A’ve Been thinking about it for way too long now and am finally Ready to share it out loud with the rest of yal and the rest of the world fam here it is,

When I started out I knew nothing like ave said over & over on my Instagram captions. But That shouldn’t and won’t  exclude me as an excuse to why I haven’t grown like other bloggers out here or like i love to say here in this blogging jungle.

But anyways am here and starting out so hear me out, Right?.Now Before I settled on chasing being a hired digital media consultant since this month October 2019.

I never knew how much one would benefit from having or owning a huge no. of followers or lauching a blog, a podcast, or lastly a YouTube channel would make you a full time self employed, as a digital nomad,Until I got to college and had the freedom & access to my tablet phone at the time 2015. *Hahaha it was so big !

I enjoyed scrolling through my big screen, honestly everything about Social media at the time glued me eagerly and kept me wanting to know more of other international, or county news or see, going over other / friends facebook pages profiles . I kept wondering ” where does all this data go after inputing all the deets about my profile in my socials, how valuable is it to me overall is it worth as an asset to me in the future Long Run?.

In our current Modern Times, everything seems too real to be true and personally I love staying on my lane so I won’t dig too much dirt or info on other people but

I really wanted to write this blog post as a Testimonial and a reminder to my future self to remind me that one day when al probably wonder in the future ” WHY ? ME “. Hopefully, This will say to me Its not in-vain and that al always rise over & above the storms, and challenges set for ME by Life.


Life is meant to be lived, learn your lessons, laugh and enjoy happy moments,Mourn and I certainly don’t believe in over night success but I do very much believe in blessings and Manifesting things into your life Ment for you or your future.Having this believe ever since I was a young girl this usually left me feeling, respect, rebel, romance , rational decision making all through my life the choices I made , then I look back now and am so Greatful I toke the plunge

Guys ,

All this is to say that my DIVA BOSS CHIC Company IS UP & ready for all your client intakes in all things digital media marketing

Sometime back I remember wining a free seat ticket to digital marketing basics classes offered by Digify online basics at the time i didn’t know much about social media but I still kept believing in myself even if some of the quizzes at the class session failed me at times I toke up to google for the next days class session.

I won’t lie , I wanted all of it everything to do with digital media marketing , so after a few months later on I signed up on my plan free google online courses that am currently 3 budges certified by the course, this guys was the high time I knew I had to get down & get serious with my data , social media & the internet in general .

I had to take the plunge & dive back to the founders of the platform we largely use which is google to a lot learn more, of the careers I could creat using social media and still learn more about the softwares, safety guidelines and policies placed so I could start my very own internet space company hopefully & genuinely to grow to become a multi trillion dollar marketing agency


I don’t have much in my house, but this is only for now and this period only since from this blog post you guys will hear a lot about my business proposals and media kits plus share with you free information about my journey through my blog and YouTube channel

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Am a simple chic, but ave got dreams, visions , ideas but the capital investment of my dreams , from today hence forth am letting it all on God

Jesus take the wheel of this business, guide me to be able to help your people in understanding their online presence and help them make the most out of

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