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If there’s anything ave learnt about life and circumstances is that you need to breath in and take it a day at a time in whatever and way you are abled by God to hold darlings!,

Life has this mystic rhythm way of just being what or how it chooses or pleases to unfold and Be and it absolutely has nothing to do with the results but what matters is the HOW TO…  Do, Move, Turn, or Be. No matter the circumstances because not everything is meant To be as it is really.

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When they say the best is yet to come, believe it and don’t doubt it!, positivity is like the cream or lubrication in life to slide you through it all *really. It evens everything out smoothly and yes! even the ones that seem to be so worst, literally somehow turn out to be the best things at the end of the day. Chasing your dreams should literally, scare you  and give you courage at the same time. I know what your thinking and saying by now ” what do you mean “,  * well…


But seriously though, sit down, and think about it calmly, if your too scared then your definitely inwardly still having that certain curiosity there is in every individual but mostly go getters, of whats behind that  door this literally leads and  adds you up to the force that pushes you to take up! that leap of faith and run with it either way. ( Normal people call it A RISK .)

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Am always very pessimistic about life’s DO’S AND DON’T S and the normalcy Mentality were forced to accept everyday though they differ with what God had in store for us .But their things now being an adult and a fiance to the lover of my life * things I choose to personally differ with NOT MOST but Some . Its everything in this World / social systems may be even if its not everything there’s at least something always,




If it was as easy we’d all choose to be Billionaires, Successful, leaders, Entrepreneurs and God only knows what our hearts desires, but its a good thing to want the best but the trick is here and probably the why we don’t wake up RICH! IN WEALTH like we keep dreaming .

let me explain the why? as we begin this.

  • Your easily and always being drifted away from the goals you’ve set by mere phone beeps!, Noise & distractions, procrastinating, and that eventually leads us to be that guy whose always waiting to be a  billionaire somehow in his dreams! couch or bed at night/day
  •   when you already know success is  a choice and you won’t get there, being lazy, wimpy and frustrated or confused, You somehow develop or open your mind to an understanding where you have to start no matter what or how you are to keep paddling harder and harder through the sea and fog so the choice of understanding that unless you choose to get yourself in that Mental state and take up that choice of facing up to your own truth to realize you can use what you have to get you there or at least close enough to it is much hopeful than sitting down and waiting for it!.  But the WORK is in THE DOING.
  • Being able to willfully force or push yourself to DO It at all cost no matter what and being fully responsible to take up the yoke of hardship and commitment and by embracing this Truth and placing it on your shoulders is all it takes to get you closer and closer everyday to your Billionaire dreams that you’ve always hoped  for.
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  • Friends bring to us cheer, Merry and to the dear ones comfort, in time of it but you see you have to sit down and differentiate who is a friend in need and a friend in deed!. ITS NOT EASY differentiating THE TWO IN OUR FRIENDSHIP CIRCLES BUT SOMETIMES just noticing the difference and creating boundaries to guard your inner peace is just one way of doing it and the respect you get from doing so is always so worth while even in long-term meet ups and future merry celebrations together with them, BUT FIRST SET YOUR BOUNDARIES AND ADD TAX! in your life when it comes to friendship circles or anyone really.


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  • When you walk inside a room full of people, how do they perceive you, what do they know or think they know about you?. Can you be able to silence all those doubt cries and ego voices and gentle whisper back at yourself but mostly your Mind and say . I am who God Created me to be, and I am wonderfully & beautifully  made in his perfection and so my thoughts are the only things that matter above all else.
  • How I perceive myself, How I see myself, How I carry myself around without anyone complimenting me about anything Or watching me is who I am and i should embrace my flaws,scars, past experiences with pride since none other has passed through them and can tell a better story about me apart from ME .
  • I always hold My TRUTH inwardly though, don’t we all  But Learning and choosing yourself over anything else first helps you to smoothly understand Life & nature and how it all works out a rhythm to make of what you perceive yourself to be from your thoughts and easily recognizing as you cherish the beautiful inner gifts you have, and the good memories you hold is what makes you YOU And that’s always the best Reality Truth or lets call it thing you’d ever do in your life . Everyday ask yourself what matters most to yourself and inner most being, then you will be able to focus more clearer to your goals and have a drive to reach them .


I hope you, will allow yourself and give yourself enough time to let your Heart search your Mind and your mind your thoughts  but first seek GOD, for he will guide you through it all, Trust on him and do not let your guard down in this life journey for HE IS GOD and HE IS FOREVER ABLE AND WILLING to help us no matter the situation or circumstance. OUR GOD IS a GOD OF POSSIBILITIES ALWAYS. Keep your trust on him.

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Thika, Kenya

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    1. I absolutely agree with you, i personally felt the same writing about it, i wondered,who would understand the cultural norms we grow up being taught are just but conversations held by other people and they thought it best for us to of instill, them to help us but actually they are but new paint in an old rusty machine!, we need to work the inner parts to have it moving then paint it as a whole when its working properly. thanks for commenting and reading.

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