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welcome back to my normal Wednesday chilled post as usual, Today i just wanted to celebrate & Shout you guys out for helping me reach this Growth milestone from my content and as my blogging community some of you still follow me on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook  @gikonyoleah . ( if you don’t already ). You already know how excited i was when i had reached the count down posting it on my socials . So its just fair to shift the party and celebrations back to my blog where it all started in 2018.

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It’s been a 5 year journey, where I  knew nothing of my brand and what it meant being a Content Creator ( digital content creator / youtuber ) really, al I wanted, but actually loved most about it was the fact that i could upload my shenanigans up on YouTube, & other social media platforms and have my friends, co-workers, allies, relatives & family watch how silly i can get from my normal ME. To Me it was enough from back then, but times have changed and YouTube now is considered as an entertaining, learning & vlogging as well to some content creators platform to audiences all around.

Who constantly tune in and love watching , learning and getting information from loads of how to’s videos out in the YouTube community.

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Guys, Ave also honestly have had my share of achievements and disappointments, in handling myself and my Brand, being a solo freelancer & entrepreneur am my own manager, its not easy researching and trying to google stuff out and not finding exactly what your looking for or learning how to pitch for deals, getting to learn how to do stuff on my own at 22, is really not all that to my fellow friends , the rejections of some brands killed me, at first almost felt like i couldn’t wake up the next day. In short most times i felt liking giving up & i did down the line sometime back But I loved my Brand, i already could and can tell its potential from then and now and also how well I can create

something out of nothing got me back trying it one more time everyday of the week i stood up for myself when no one showed up to read my blogs or watch my videos on youtube and i kept at it, believing someday someone will stick & believe in this dream too i also still didn’t create any room to let the disappointments keep me too long down but by giving it my all and constantly pushing and learning  till date, is what has kept me breathing or alive and still present for my brand for sure.

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Most days now am so Glad i never gave up! on myself or my brand, don’t get me wrong  its really not yet where i want it to be but am so happy its not where it used to be 4 years back. Listen, not everything falls at your feet like you’d want or had planned to be but truth be told time eventually grants you what you need if you stick up to it and keep going at it long enough. I never thought that ad pass or ever make it to YouTube’s watch time limit or subscriber count to get my channel monetized .

And here i am almost clocking down to it, wow! am so humbled & grateful guys, and its really all because of you and your constant engagement in my content, because also of your support i wouldn’t be here doing what i love most, For real ad wish to meet you all and hug each of you someday for being apart of the community #GFAM and as we still grow together .

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I wish and hope that someday al be able to hold a party invite to each one of you for sticking around and through with me in this growth journey and process but for now am absolutely excited and so humbled to say this HUGE THANK YOU TO YOU, ALL Mostly For subscribing for always staying tuned for always showing up above all and for following through and keeping up with me in my other social media pages, Guys OMG! i can’t believe were finally celebrating this together wow!. May God bless you for it all, for loving me and my content and for always showing up as my internet friend for life and hopefully for forever.

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