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Its been a minute, am finally settled down it’s been a Month & months of not knowing how to or what to do with being a soloprenuer + looking for the relevant job offers that suit my skills and time is a whole lot of doing the absolute most but appreciating the time and Moments currently is worth to Me focusing on More.

I hope you are well,

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Am also hoping some of my readers are basically new here and you probably bumped on my sites post through pininterest,google, reading a couple of the same related posts but Am glad your finally HERE! On all the deets in starting your own podcast Which is amazing to begin and have,

Starting a Podcast is not so hard! This days there loads of tutorials on YouTube and pininterest to get you started into the meaty, juicy parts of how to start a successful cheap and reliable Podcast in 2020


Owning The mind speech Podcast and successfully launching it,still on the same year uploading every Mon, wed and Fridays,

At first, got me feeling like I had started it all too fast. The doubt and excitiment that comes along starting something new, is always too / so overwhelming and I personally don’t want the same thing to happen to you, If your in need of starting a free, money making podcast in 2020 without a hustle or busting a Muscle to it.

The following Blogs sites Am Willing to Recommend and share with you, please note ave personally used them starting out but mostly when trying to navigate through the cheapest and easiest way to find my niche in Podcasting as a solopreneuer / Freelancer, and still make Money while doing it.


♣              Check out  ~  THE MIND SPEECH PODCAST

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ψ  NONI MAY –  ( *takes time to upload be patient! ).


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♥ INCASE :  Your still doubting yourself in owning a podcast or even recording one . Here’s a podcast on THE STATE OF PODCASTING WITH matt and pat. to help you come to a conclusive decision with podcasting if your still aspiring to start one.

ψ  Matt & Pat



Lastly, You’ve probably started out But You can’t really tell, If what your doing is Right or Wrong .


ψ  SLP Happy Hour.




I hope, you liked this post on all things HOW TO START YOUR PODCAST the right way!, also Be Sure to comment down below on your podcasts name if you own a podcast already, or ask me any questions conserning this post, for more details on how to go about it .





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*This Post May Contain affiliate Links, which Means I may Receive a small commission at no cost to you, If you make a purchase through the link!

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If there’s anything ave learnt about life and circumstances is that you need to breath in and take it a day at a time in whatever and way you are abled by God to hold darlings!,

Life has this mystic rhythm way of just being what or how it chooses or pleases to unfold and Be and it absolutely has nothing to do with the results but what matters is the HOW TO…  Do, Move, Turn, or Be. No matter the circumstances because not everything is meant To be as it is really.

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When they say the best is yet to come, believe it and don’t doubt it!, positivity is like the cream or lubrication in life to slide you through it all *really. It evens everything out smoothly and yes! even the ones that seem to be so worst, literally somehow turn out to be the best things at the end of the day. Chasing your dreams should literally, scare you  and give you courage at the same time. I know what your thinking and saying by now ” what do you mean “,  * well…


But seriously though, sit down, and think about it calmly, if your too scared then your definitely inwardly still having that certain curiosity there is in every individual but mostly go getters, of whats behind that  door this literally leads and  adds you up to the force that pushes you to take up! that leap of faith and run with it either way. ( Normal people call it A RISK .)

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Am always very pessimistic about life’s DO’S AND DON’T S and the normalcy Mentality were forced to accept everyday though they differ with what God had in store for us .But their things now being an adult and a fiance to the lover of my life * things I choose to personally differ with NOT MOST but Some . Its everything in this World / social systems may be even if its not everything there’s at least something always,




If it was as easy we’d all choose to be Billionaires, Successful, leaders, Entrepreneurs and God only knows what our hearts desires, but its a good thing to want the best but the trick is here and probably the why we don’t wake up RICH! IN WEALTH like we keep dreaming .

let me explain the why? as we begin this.

  • Your easily and always being drifted away from the goals you’ve set by mere phone beeps!, Noise & distractions, procrastinating, and that eventually leads us to be that guy whose always waiting to be a  billionaire somehow in his dreams! couch or bed at night/day
  •   when you already know success is  a choice and you won’t get there, being lazy, wimpy and frustrated or confused, You somehow develop or open your mind to an understanding where you have to start no matter what or how you are to keep paddling harder and harder through the sea and fog so the choice of understanding that unless you choose to get yourself in that Mental state and take up that choice of facing up to your own truth to realize you can use what you have to get you there or at least close enough to it is much hopeful than sitting down and waiting for it!.  But the WORK is in THE DOING.
  • Being able to willfully force or push yourself to DO It at all cost no matter what and being fully responsible to take up the yoke of hardship and commitment and by embracing this Truth and placing it on your shoulders is all it takes to get you closer and closer everyday to your Billionaire dreams that you’ve always hoped  for.
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  • Friends bring to us cheer, Merry and to the dear ones comfort, in time of it but you see you have to sit down and differentiate who is a friend in need and a friend in deed!. ITS NOT EASY differentiating THE TWO IN OUR FRIENDSHIP CIRCLES BUT SOMETIMES just noticing the difference and creating boundaries to guard your inner peace is just one way of doing it and the respect you get from doing so is always so worth while even in long-term meet ups and future merry celebrations together with them, BUT FIRST SET YOUR BOUNDARIES AND ADD TAX! in your life when it comes to friendship circles or anyone really.


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  • When you walk inside a room full of people, how do they perceive you, what do they know or think they know about you?. Can you be able to silence all those doubt cries and ego voices and gentle whisper back at yourself but mostly your Mind and say . I am who God Created me to be, and I am wonderfully & beautifully  made in his perfection and so my thoughts are the only things that matter above all else.
  • How I perceive myself, How I see myself, How I carry myself around without anyone complimenting me about anything Or watching me is who I am and i should embrace my flaws,scars, past experiences with pride since none other has passed through them and can tell a better story about me apart from ME .
  • I always hold My TRUTH inwardly though, don’t we all  But Learning and choosing yourself over anything else first helps you to smoothly understand Life & nature and how it all works out a rhythm to make of what you perceive yourself to be from your thoughts and easily recognizing as you cherish the beautiful inner gifts you have, and the good memories you hold is what makes you YOU And that’s always the best Reality Truth or lets call it thing you’d ever do in your life . Everyday ask yourself what matters most to yourself and inner most being, then you will be able to focus more clearer to your goals and have a drive to reach them .


I hope you, will allow yourself and give yourself enough time to let your Heart search your Mind and your mind your thoughts  but first seek GOD, for he will guide you through it all, Trust on him and do not let your guard down in this life journey for HE IS GOD and HE IS FOREVER ABLE AND WILLING to help us no matter the situation or circumstance. OUR GOD IS a GOD OF POSSIBILITIES ALWAYS. Keep your trust on him.

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Success Is Normally Found In A Pile of Mistakes,

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Welcome To my first ever BLOG POST, on my new site.


            wow! Here goes everything ,  I can’t Believe am saying this Already,

                                   how insane does this sound!… guys*

Hey! you *


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I pretty much want to pour out my heart & mind in this post, kinda like the way I see most bloggers do but Am not like all your other everyday Bloggers, really &  It’s not that am perfect, prettier or more beautiful than them or that I have all the knowledge on what to do or how to do Something in all the different aspects of life or even when you feel Stuck in a life-threatening situation or family Drama,What or how should you handle a work mate who seems to piss you off in everything & anything he does.

( giggles ),.

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But to be quiet Honest, with you am NO! Expert in counseling, nor do I own any winning award or certificate of being a Motivational Speaker yet, Hence  here’s what you need to know as we get along, in this Bloggers World Jungle with me.


Am a Cheeky , Vibrant ,Introvert / extroverted 22 year old Kenyan blogger. A Girl young and wild at heart, Who chooses to share all she knows from past LIFE LESSONS & EXPERIENCES with you , ON what ave learnt in life and the wisdom ave picked up with time , to help You learn from his space, how to live your best life, the best way, YOU Know How.







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Though, I personally wanted to have this very specific category of posts up on this  blog site .  To connect better with you,my reader .  This probably does sound cliche to say to you but truth be told, if your personality keeps making your blood boil when you think about your future, personal goals and how to attain them or keep up with them, career goals , Relationships with friends/spouse and how to handle toxic frenemies but mostly & very importantly your Mental Health,which has to come first, to be able to juggle all the rest.  as a young adult. So all am here to do is  to let you in in all the strategies, life secrets & goals you need to live by to be able to live a blessed and a happier, stress free, life as a young Adult Growing up!.

Sounds Great and, epic Right?,  well the whole plan for starters is very much FREE!!!.. YOU DON’T HAVE TO PAY ANYTHING for This. I hope that this enables you or helps you to definitely have your getaway or at last by helping you manage your own personal space & peace from all that Drama, that life throws at you, ad be glad to help.

( personally, am very allergic, to Drama from any angle or size ) sneezes !!!…

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Here’s a little Personal story am willing to share with you about me that you probably didn’t know if you’ve been following me for the longest of time now or if your new here , * here’s one of my many drastic & very traumatic child hood stories to encourage you in whatever season your in. Be Blessed *

Thank you, for tunning in if your an old fam member or subscriber / follower from my blog days, its so good to have you here!. Thanks for the love*


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All my Life.

Ave always felt left out & different since my years of young age or teen hood and I some how always felt this difference, in everything & anything i did . I could never relate with anyone my age mentally or on what they were doing at the time either & Everyday the big elephant in my personal space grew bigger and bigger and no one could relate to me in some parts of my childhood life . I was always Mature past my age, and i hated it back then as a kid, I can never explain why? or How. But am greatful years later now looking back i have no Regrets or huge life regrets. (you get what i mean?)

  • No! its not like I had or have super powers or some type of magic sh*t really. But Here’s a blog post about personalities of people like me February Queens !   ROCK $$$!. Incase your interested to learn more about my type of personality.


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I Can very much recall having the toughest of times mostly in high-school & being changed from school to school didn’t help me much, in any way of changing that feeling of, ” why am i so different ? ” . And so from a young age like 11or 12yrs i can recall back, wanting so badly to escape from home and even attempting to live and move away from our home/family . ( Thankfully my Mum stopped Me, this one time i had planned to move out packed my clothes and was about to live when suddenly Mum appeared from nowhere and forced me to stay ) . So later through the years i had a plan to end my life by suicide. Easy Right! i started to contemplate my own death plan .

( QUICK EXPLANATION! * MY dad married two wives and both wives had 5 kids each which probably added much salt in to the injury of my young age growing up, though years later am Thankful To God Now that were all grown & having our different families & home. )

I hated life & EVERYTHING IN IT so much so  i  did attempt to end the struggle by hanging myself kinda like a planned suicide and since we shared the room with both my Mum & sister i knew they’d come home and find my dead body hanging off from the bedroom ceiling but at the time they were not home & that thought grew even larger that day,  I thought to myself ”  this is the day & what luck! my mu’s not even present to stop this like before .

Finally! “, I thought I Can end this misery like that famous 2010 or is it 11′, Summer time sadness song Release …( if you recall it, ) . So as i was attempting to end my life i climbed down to take up my bible for the very last time and tell my heavenly Father am coming home or God only Knows what i was thinking at that age really, ( giggles)

As i opened it, guess the very first verse, I Laid my eyes on ;

Jeremiah 1. 5

( My very First Encounter with God )

and it said



( * chuckles ),  Wow!* I cried that day so much and I couldn’t Or let me say i have never wanted to stay in a negative space, from my mind or with others, sure i get disappointed & discouraged at times * and because this is life i only choose to groan & cry my worries,fear for sometime or even for a day but not more than that! .

ever since that day, That verse gave me or somehow gave me back my Life & changed my ways in thoughts and my relationship with God was restored much better & completely revolutionized since that day .

Enough stories about me but funny enough, ever since that day its been a Journey ever since, am probably not that righteous nor do i want to come off as such a religious kid, But am grateful i didn’t go through with all that cowardliness in that time of my life

Lucky! Me God knows my heart & Loves me abundantly still .


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Everyday when i wake up , I tend to consider myself as a  normal girl Blessed & able to do what i do in all the different things in my space & Niche, that am able to do till this day by God’s grace & will I grow plus learn Along that we ,


                                Grow through,  what we go through.


That pretty much sums up! what i will be sharing with you on this new space AND Of cos , we will always have fun if you’ll join In the community #Gfam & never miss out on a Post upload every once in a week or twice haven’t Yet decided , On the specific days al be uploading so keep an eye on the next post hopefully every week! * from NOW.

  • Hoping you’ll Feel at home , & YOU’VE ENJOYED The POST,you’ve read.
  • Also Don’t forget to comment down below your toughest times in life or how you choose and overcame the urge of not giving up!  . what did you do ad love to hear, till next time Bye for now and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COMING OVER!*.


I Will be sharing With you on this specific category of my life’s past stories and journey , that are crazy and wild and from my current LIFE lessons & experiences from my point of view . Don’t forget once again to follow me on Instagram to get an early heads up!, on what OR where am at, or doing with my Daily Life! in my socials


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