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No! Guys,

I won’t come out here and try to pretend like am the GURU all full thu!, in all this healthy diets, always work out!, normalized talks by nutritionist and fitness influencers, though i very much should absolutely let you and allow you to follow your heart and mind to what you’d like and want to live by and use as your workout routine from the one time! you loved or admire ( influencers ) depending on their routines to get you inspired to get up and Snap work out of it! in your everyday fitness journey.

Just so you know am proud of you!, and your doing great! ( thanks for stoppying by )

So anyways In this particular post, al be sharing with you what i do to Maintain my normal 47.8 weight count and a medium physical body shape and size for starters and how eating healthy foods like e.g kale’s, loads of proteins and a top thumb pinch of carbohydrates or Starch depending ni nini … ( on what ) am having on my plate and day and yes!, am that girl who serves her plate depending with my mood swings left,right,corner,center, in short by how i feel or miss to taste or eat.


And because of this I try my best in maintaining a religious normal workout routine every 3 times In a week , that’s on Monday , Tuesday, And Wednesday , where I personally, split my work outs in two goals

1. Butt work out for 2 days

2. 1 day to work on my abs.

Honestly, All my life ave always admired And have always wanted to maintain a medium body size and shape, since in my family for starters ,unfortunately we suffer or have high risks of suffering  from excessive weight gains, and hereditary diabetic type 1 cases .


Thus this has always had me on a clinch and pushed me consciously when it comes to taking care of my overall body. I normally worked out with no specific plan or body goals to begin with but that was, overall enough for me and i was always content in knowing that i was working out anyways and that was all that counted for me then,

But that’s Until my last birthday this year, where i literally wanted and needed  plus changed some of the worst habits i had developed with time, and i literally cleaned up good!, everything from my past meaningless life of wasteful energy routines which also fell into transforming and taking note on my fitness and diet routine which I had to come to terms with and change, where before I would normally, prefer to eat out and have take aways, but I ended up coming up with a routine that fit me cooking from certain timers and duration easy first and healthy meals anyways, Now!

( if you follow me on Instagram you already know! ).

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Incase I failed to mention To you earlier on, how I prefer Working out at home more than going out to the gym its just because, if your finances don’t match your lifestyle, to me it shouldn’t hurt you to accept  and try to twink some of this things to better fit your lifestyle and openly honestly speaking/ sharing Our day to day costs of living in kenya

( if you know, you know ) , are getting higher and higher to some to others if your able to pay off monthly/ yearly membership or have coupons from your current gym facility, that’s absolutely awesome!

But if you would love or still read the following home butt and abs work out posts routines like mine and would love to start yours today , your WELCOME TO JOIN

My fellow fav fitness bloggers who’ve literally helped me in this fitness journey, please check links below on some of my personally used Home work out videos i use to better my fitness journey. SO I hope ave encouraged you to keep pushing and snapping out of it! as we will all get there someday, but we always have to start! and believe we will everyday as we approach time.




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I hope you enjoyed reading today’s post, I will be posting a lot more on this category about fitness so if you would also like to be featured on your journey as well leave a comment down below and all definitely want to hear about fitness do’s and don’ts starting out on your fitness jouney and share as well!





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