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This platform is here, to bring together and mould each other through social media platforms to inspire and motivate entrepreneurs by sharing together the simplest of tactics on how to navigate through social media when it comes to our freelancing jobs,The do’s and don’ts when it comes to the business trends were in or would want to venture in as millennials and the need of  wanting to do better for one another as well as our overall best interests, pushed us to creat a free earning platform for young freelance entrepreneurs and micro brands who’ve joined together to share honest motivational and inspirational journeys through our instagram platform @chicdivaboss

♥ we try our best to bring you along if your new here but we mostly urge you to join our ever growing community by connecting and growing  together with fellow bosses . You’l Find it so worth* 


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Are you a Hustler, a brilliant prenuer or A GirlBoss! . If this is your first time checking in welcome Our team GIRLBOSS Named, or made up a FEMM community Of DIVA BOSS Chic’s  for us The terminology, was derived from the word

DIVA we thought it sounded borm asf!, but we are bosses thus boss chic was also added which means to us a Female Version of a HUSTLER Better known in our 21st century age as a Diva Boss chic *Babe!


We at DIVA BOSS Chic ltd are always looking forward to patner and promote the following Women or Men, from our different societies and cultures in helping to educate by collaborating with different brands from same niches to better connect with our clients and serve wider regions our products and merchandises in regional scales and if that’s you, were here to offer you a chance to work with us and openly are Ready to give you a chance on our platform IF YOU SIGN UP! you’l add influence as you grow your enterprise as well with us .  Here’s what were looking for ;

A go -getter , A Smart Planner, a Hard worker a Lovely sales personnel and an effective organizer plus an abstract thinker, to problem solve challenges as they rise in the organization, or are you courageous enough, to speak your mind and demand change in the market . An added advantage would be good effective communication skills which will be highly needed if you’ll apply for this.


WELCOME, Diva Boss Babes your finally Home yeaaa!!!…*

Am so happy for you for This Is definitely the place to be as a young adult whose also is a creative in the different aspects and spaces of niche.

If your reading this and your not sure ,read below please …



Welcome to our very first ever!

Motivational space blog , where we help young freelancers and entreprenuers hustling it out ,reach their ultimate full potential as DIVA BOSS BABES.

By teaching you effective,ways to run a clone organization of yourself and by helping you manage better your time if your a solepreneur, freelancer, blogger, creative . We will also teach you on all the digital marketing ways for promoting posts to market yourself as a business or how to setup and plan your content prior to post scheduling it out to the rest of us.  Also and very importantly will teach you how to know your business wants and needs to grow and reach its possible potential.


This is to help YOU open Up and learn on how to create / be fun & motivational by yourself / others in your work area, business ventures whether your a musician , content creator , a comedian , videographer , a poet or a natural born go getter .

We hope you’ll soon join our Motivational space/platform for other creative Boss Babe and other young entrepreneurs like @gikonyoleah, @apewavelab, @dayonemwafrika and others like – minded to network and use this space to diversify your arts/ crafts or work with each other for mutual benefits.

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yeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaas!!!! & CHEERS !!!>>>to you,

Diva Boss Chic…

for joining this like minded Chic, Diva Boss Babes Community .














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